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January 30, 2005

Attractive Worship—Organized

Here’s this week’s Attractive Worship thread organized in one spot, beginning with S. M. Hutchens’s posts:

An Observation

Attractive Worship

Liturgical Orphans

Good Shepherds Make the Difference

Television Culture and Worship

A Matter of Style?

Boomers, Not Their Kids, Driving “Contemporary” Worship Trends

Worshipping God v. Entertaining Men

One Foundational Observation, and Six Rules

Manipulating the Worshipper/Honoring Our Elders

Younger Worshipper Drawn to Traditional Service

The “Worship Song” as Sacrament/A Response from S. M. Hutchens

Please use the permalink for this post if you wish to direct other readers to the discussion. Should there be further posts in the thread, we’ll add links to them here.

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